CHEESE lovers can experience heaven on earth at the South Korean cheese theme park!

A theme park entirely dedicated to cheese has arrived in South Korea. Imsil Cheese Park will not see any daily lover blue as they churn through 32 acres of attractions offering cheese tributes and edam good time!


The park includes cheese making classes, buildings that look like edam and mini cheese-themed rides.

If rides and cheese making isn’t your thing, the park offers the opportunity to sample various local cheeses and explore the gift shop; ideal for the more mature cheese lover.


Located in North Jeolla Province (two hours outside of Seoul), the theme park is believed to be the best cheese-producing part of the country.

The park opened in 2004 with the aim to teach visitors the history of cheese making. There is a variety of fairytale scenes around the park including the Smurfs facing off against evil wizard Gargamel. There is a small farm on site for children to meet the animals which produce the milk for the cheese production.


If that has got your taste buds tingling, please note the park is closed on Mondays! You are likely to have Edam great time at the park!