Heading to CheeseFest Manchester? Look out for these weird and wonderful cheese creations available from The Cheese Cavern. The Cheese Cavern is a family run business with over 400 artisan cheeses available to purchase. Award winning creations that have made the cheese world stand up and take notice!


1. Fleur De Maquis – A classic, homemade cheese, with a melt-in-the-mouth texture. A sweet, nutty taste which becomes even more aromatic when allowed to mature.

Fleur De Maquis was Napoleon Bonaparte’s favourite cheese. Whilst in exile on the Isle of Elba during his final days, Napolean could smell the scrub of the Maquis from his homeland, Corsica. He longed to be back there dining on his favourite ewe’s milk cheese.

A fresh cheese with a solid consistency, covered with aromatic herbs such as rosemary, thyme, and fresh sweet chillies. The herbs bloom around the edges allowing them to melt when matured.


2. Retorta - A gold award winning soft cheese made from raw ewe’s milk. The ‘torta’ cheese is made using thistle rennet, resulting in a full flavoured cheese with a soft, something liquid interior.

This historic cheese pre dates Catherine of Aragon who flavoured this cheese above any other. Artist Pablo Picasso, revolutionist Che Ginesta and muses Dora Marr all carried the torch high for the Retorta soft cheese.


3. Blue Brain Cheese – created by Albert Einstein and Alexander Fleming. The Blue Brain Cheese is the only cheese in the world to have penicillin on the outside and not on the inside.

A smooth and creamy texture with an incredible unique flavour. The cheese contains an unexpected subtle fruitiness to the flavour.


4. Stinking Bishop – this world-famous cheese is known for its strong smell and distinctive rind, but contrary to common belief, the cheese itself has a delicious, delicate flavour. The name comes from the pear used to make the Perry that the cheese is washed in during the maturing process.

Stinky Bishop is a soft textured, washed rind cheese that develops a distinctive, meaty pungency with age.

This soft, creamy cheese is perfect for spreading on crunchy biscuits or crackers.


5. Wookey Hole – award-winning West Country cheddar, cave aged, to give a unique flavour and character. The cheese is cream-coloured with a firm texture. The complex aroma is a mix of sweet, creamy, farmy and earthy tones. The flavours are big, robust and well-rounded, with competing notes such as sweet and salty, or earthy and tangy.

The robust, sweet and nutty nuances of Wookey Hole Cave aged Cheddar is perfectly complemented by full-bodied red wines with a strong flavour.

Come and check out these fantastic cheeses at Bowlers Arena, 16/17 February 2019. Limited tickets available here: www.cheesefestuk.com/manchester

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