Ticket & Parking Information


How much are tickets to Cheesefest?

Tickets to CheeseFest start from only £3 + booking fees.

Once the £3 tickets have sold out, then £5 tickets will be the cheapest and then final release tickets are £7.


What does early bird mean on tickets?

Early bird just means the very first tickets that are available to purchase.


What do the different ticket prices mean?

Tickets are sold on a tier basis. Once the tickets for one price is sold out, the next tickets are the only ones that will be available.

Most tickets are sold at £3 but they are a first come first serve basis.


Why is there a booking fee?

We work with Eventbrite who host the tickets on their website. The booking fee are the fees that are charged for tickets to be sold on the site.

Unfortunately, we do not control the fees.


If tickets are sold out can we get them on the door?

Unfortunately not. Once tickets have sold out online, there will not be any available on the door.


What's included in my ticket price?

The ticket price for CheeseFest is for entry, entertainment & depending on the city, demonstrations we may have. The ticket price also helps us cover other associated costs with running events of this size. 


Do I have to pay for cheese even after I have paid for my ticket?

Although we would love to run an all you can eat cheese event for £3 or £5 tickets, this would be impossible for us to do. 

Each of our independent vendors have their own pricing. Hot street food will be around the £5 mark and our artisan traders will depend on the type of cheese and weight you wish to purchase. 



We do not have parking on site but keep an eye on our social media we will let you know about local parking areas.


Where can we park when we come to Cheesefest?

At each of our events the parking situation will be different. The best option would be to look at the venue website for details about parking availability.

Otherwise, we suggest to take a look at the park-o-pedia website. They have some great suggestions of where to park and costs.